History of the Faculty

Background of the Economy and Accounting Faculty

 The departments of economy, management and accounting were established independently in 1984, and 1985. In 1990, the three departments were joined in one single building to form a single faculty. In 1991, the faculty of Economy, Management and Accounting were divided in to two separate faculties namely the Faculty of Management including two departments of commercial and industrial managements as well as the Faculty of Economy and Accounting consisting of the departments of Economy and Accounting. Therefore, the Faculty of Economy and Accounting has been established since 1991, and it is located at Pich-e Shemiran crossroad in Enghelab Avenue.


The Faculty of Economy and Accounting:

Building No. 1 (Main building)

Building No. 2



The Faculty of Economy and accounting, Pich-e Shemiran, Enghelab Avenue